President's Message

President's Message

Dear Members:

We came, we saw, we paddled… and we broke a drum stick!

APABA Colorado had a full day of fun and community at this year’s Colorado Dragon Boat Festival in Sloan’s Lake on July 28th. This is the first time in over ten years that APABA participated in the dragon boat race—and I must say, with a little more practice, I think we have a chance of winning at least one race next year!

In front of a crowd that lined along the edge of Sloan’s Lake, we paddled with such passion and fervor that we broke the drum stick while drumming on the boat during the last race of the day. I promise to showcase the broken stick at our next year's banquet. All in all, the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival was a success, and congratulations go out to the CDBF Executive Director Sara Moore and the CDBF Board Chair Janet Hajek for their leadership in bringing the community together to celebrate Asian and Asian American heritage and culture.


Thank you to the following fearless paddlers of the APABA Colorado boat, led by captains Blake Gansborg and Isuri Lawson: Alex Kimata, Maureen Chu, Jade Lang, Kenneth Shiau, Katherine Lum, Mandy Neuman, Edward Roob, Joanna Roob, Simon Springett, Alana Gray, Ingrid List, Jenni Ditirro, Jessie Strese, Lauri Epstein, Clark Yeh, Jason Taylor, Laurie Choi, CiCi Cheng, and Roger Tsai. I’m sure they would be happy to share with you just how close but far a 250m race can feel on a boat.

I also want to thank Esther Lee, Abeer Abu Judeh, and Andrea Koppenhofer for helping with setup on early Sunday morning, and Morgan Walker of U.S. Legal Support for providing food and beverages for our whole team on race day.

The APABA and APABA Foundation Board also came together last month to participate in a Strategic Planning session led by Paul Chan. We will be building on the themes and ideas from the day, and we will share our vision for the future with you later in the year. But one thing was clear from our conversations: we want to continue to add value to your APABA membership and create a space for conversation and community. I hope you continue to connect and converse with us.


Sumi Lee

President, APABA Colorado

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