In light of the alarming number of hate crimes including unimaginable acts of violence against APA seniors in the United States, APABA is launching the Compassion in Colorado program to protect and assist APA seniors in Colorado and to promote safety and community. In partnership with the non-profit A Little Help, this program will match volunteers with seniors who would feel safer being accompanied as they walk in their neighborhoods, run basic errands, or travel to see their doctors. Volunteers are background checked through A Little Help, who will help us to run the logistics of participant/volunteer sign-ups. We will start first with a pilot program assisting the few hundred low-income APA seniors residing at the Volunteers of America (VOA) Sunset Towers and Sunset Park residential facilities in downtown Denver. If successful, and logistically feasible, we will widen the reach of the program to seniors outside of these facilities.


  • Register as a volunteer with A Little Help here.
  • On the volunteer form, please note in the "Other" box: (1) you would like to volunteer as part of Compassion in Colorado; and (2) if you can speak any Asian language.
  • A Little Help will reach out with more details and to advise you of any seniors seeking assistance. 
  • This is a flexible volunteer opportunity!  You get to decide which seniors you want to help, which volunteer tasks you would like to take on, and how regularly you would like to assist (e.g., one-time or more regularly) based on your availability. 

For any questions or if you're interested in helping us run this program, please e-mail APABA.  Thank you so much for your willingness to serve and protect the elderly in our community!

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